The Beachs of Central Java

It lies in Purwahamba Village,Suradadi District about 12 km from Tegal eastward or 15 km from Pemalang westward. There are swimming pool, zoo, hotel, etc

This beach is located in Sangir Street, Tegal City.A beach resort with children's play ground, shelters, performance stage for cultural purpose.Overgrown with leafly trees which gives you fresh air which is nice for recreation activities


It is located about 3 km frfom the centre of the town. Public transport can take you there. The beach is overgrown with leafy trees of dozens year old. Visitor can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing.The beach is usually visited by local honey moons, they believe that if a newly wed spend their honeymooners at the Widuri Beach, they will then get a everlasting marriage

The beach which is known as Bandengan Beach is very beautiful because of its white sand.It lies in Bandengan Village 8 km. To the north of the center of the city. There are many facilities available, such as cottages, Rest House and Recreation Park.

It lies 2 km. From the center of the city. This attraction is a place where ships dock to and from Karimunjawa Island. The Kartini beach is so near from Panjang Island facilitated with youth Home Stay, Camping area, and Cottages.

Logending Beach is also known as Ayah Beach. Located about 9 km. From Jatijajar cave or 3 km. To the south of Petruk Cave. The condition of the sea shore is blackish brown with a panorama of the scrolling waves of the south sea that comes back and forth

Teluk penyu Beach lies in the south east area of Cilacap District, about 2 KM. From Cilacap. It is big wave that attract people the most. Visitors can enjoy the ship-tour to and from Tanjung Intan Harbour. You can use public transport to reach the attractions at Teluk Penyu or you may want to use the traditional transportation such as; Horse Cart (dokar), becak (rickshaw) or Ojek (rented motor bike). For those who like to fish, may use the entrance bridge to ward the sea which is 10 m.Long 3m.


Permisan Beach has a magnificent panorama which located in lengthwise Island of Nusakambangan from west to east 36 km with 4-6 Km wide.
Here,visitor can find stone,mangrove and tropical forest and fortress of pendem for military purpose during Dutch colonization.

Hutan Payau
Hutan Payau Teritih ini hampir seluruhnya lebih kurang 10 ha ditumbuhi dengan tanaman bakau. Untuk menelusuri hutan ini dapat menggunakan jembatan - jembatan penghubung bambu. Hutan ini terletak 3 km dari terminal bis di Gunung Simping dan dengan mudah dapat dicapai dengan kendaraan umum.
Pengunjung yang ingin meneruskan perjalanan ke Pangandaran di Propinsi Jawa Barat melalui laut selatan, dapat naik kapal ferry yang menghubungkan Cilacap - Pangandaran.

It lies about 40 km. From the town of Kebumen. If you want to visitthis attraction, follow the route from kebumen to karanganyar and then to karang bolong Beach by any available transport, public or private. Ask your hotel manager or go to the public bus station to choose which bus to use. In addition, you will find many swallow bird community flying around the beach, while en joying the beautiful panorama of the south sea. These birds nest in those caves around the beach and theese nest has become an exclucive commodity.

Petanahan Beach located about 17 Km to the south west of Kebumen City. With its great wave, Petanahan Beach has its own attractive sights. It is also fully equipped by an open grandstand for traditional art programs.

They lie 22 km. From Purworejo or 11 km. From the district of Kutoarjo southward, exactly in the village of Harjo Binangun and Ketawang, in the district of grabag. There are two sand ways right after the gate; the road to the east is to Puncu Sand Beach and the road to the right is to ketawang Beach. The distance of each is 2 km. And 1,5 km respectively

Residing in Batang Regency North Coast, not far from downtown,Sigandu Beach is a quite beautiful to be visited especially sunset. Some interesting things here such a nice view, children play ground, etc


It lies in Ujung Negoro Village, the district of Tulis about 6,25 km. From the main road of Batang to Semarang or 12 km. From Batang. This beach of ujung Negoro is famous because of the beautiful sea with a wonderful beating waves to and from continuously. Besides the unique panorama, there is also the grave of Syekh Maulana Maghribi and at every sapar ( Javanese Month ) on the 15, Syekh Maulana Maghribi is commemorated by throwing a Selamatan

Visitor who want to enjoy the the beauty of sunrise and sunset, Sendang Sikucing Beach is the best place.It is located 22km to the from Kendal through Weleri.

An attraction in northern Semarang near Semarang Harbor, an integrated recreational complex. It is a beach park which lies close to PRPP- Tawang Mas. There is a quay for cruise ship linking to others marine tourist attractions. Hotels, restaurants and sport are facilitated here. Enjoy yourself sky diving and boating.

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